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I went to the site yesterday (25/4/2002) for the first time with a prospect customer (apparently she's my boss). The place is very nice and cool since it's on the highland. The view was majestic and the air was so fresh. The area was so green with trees and it feels like being at Cameron Highland... and the good thing is all basic infrastructures(electricity, water and road) are already in place. BUT I have to tell you up front that, as of today, no one has started to build their bungalow yet. It is very quiet and to tell you the truth, if the land is mine, I won't build my bungalow until there are some people have built theirs first. But if you buy this land as an investment, then I guess it is a very good investment. Kalau nak beli this land and to straight away nak buat rumah, then I tak recommend sangat sebab tak ada org. I think you can imagine duduk kat tengah2 bukit & hutan sorang2..scary ler..heheh..

The land is hilly and some lots that belongs to other owners are far in the revine. I can't imagine how many lorries of tanah would they required to tambak the gaung so that it's level with the road. My father's one is not so bad. It's just a bit hilly and if you decides to build a bungalow on that land, you'll have to buldoze the land to level it first. There's one company that offer the service (can't remember the name) for RM 10,000.00.
But bare in mind, the land that you've to buldozed from the hill can be selled to others.

My digital camera was not with me when I went to the site yesterday coz my friend borrow it from me, so I took some pictures using my non-digital camera . I guess you guys have to wait until the pitures are processed and scanned. Hope by middle of May, I can post the pictures here. Be patient ok.