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Assalammualaikum and dear all,

This is another site that I've developed which relates to property. But this time it's for my father-in-law. Menantu mithali la katakan..hehhehe.. anyway, the reason I put up this site is to help him selling off his land. He has a piece of land at Bukit Enggang in Cheras. This is a Malay reserve land, so it can only be selled-off to a Malay buyer. Sorry to our non-malay heart feeling aa.

Anyway, this land has been bought by my father since 1997. My father said most of the land owners at Bukit Enggang are rich and famous people..the Tan Sri's/Dato-dato etc...Infact the land next to his is owned by Tan Sri Rahim Noor ( Former Inspector-General Of Police). How my father got to buy the land? I don't really know but I guess it is his rezeki la.. My father made loan with a bank to buy the land and he is now paying the loan every month with his pension money.

He's not desperate to sell off the land, but if anyone is interested to buy the land at a reasonable price then he is willing to sell it. He said he's getting old and it would be great if he can sell the land and spent the money to a good cause know.. The land's price is getting higher and higher now because the land is located strategically in the middle of Hulu Langat, Semenyih and Cheras. According to my father, some banks value the land as high as RM 1 million... How true is that, frankly speaking I'm not sure. Maybe you can get a land valuer to tell you exactly how much the land is worth now.

So, please free to browse thru the pages to get some info on the land. Hopefully this site will help you decides whether or not you should buy the land. I'll try my best to give you the information required as accurate as possible.

Thank you.

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